Detroit Lions FC

We an amateur club affiliated with the American Midwest League

Detroit Lions FC is an amateur soccer club consisting of youth teams and athletes ranging from 7 to 18 years old. Many of our members come from underdeveloped communities around the Detroit metro area and Detroit Lions FC aims to provide opportunities for sports participation that our member might not have. We are highly engaged with our local community and are actively seeking volunteers and sponsors.

Our Story

We were founded in 1981 by Edward Himenez. Since then the club has grown to more than 30 active teams and an annual roster of more than 300 players. Thousands of youth have come through our program with many continuing on to play professional soccer. Edward retired in 2005 and since then we have been led by General Manager, Ryan Wilson.

Every weekend, we aim to advance to the higher league levels by competing in regional league matches!

The atmosphere of the team is friendly, but we practice hard every day for victory!

After the game, they interact with fans and community members.

This month’s highlights

How to support us

We would like to raise enough funds to attend the US National Championships in November of this year. Our club has done well this year and participating in the National Championships would mean the world to our players, coaches and their families. Please support us in what ever way you can by choosing from one of the various options.

We have several ways that you can support us that should fit everone’s financial ability.
No amount is too small and we appreciate anything you can do to support us.

Premiere Supporter

Become a Premiere Supporter of Detroit Lions FC by signing up for a monthly or annual donation.

One time sponsorship

Make a one time sponsorship to Detroit Lions FC at the amount that you can afford.

Buy our merchandise

We have a number of t-shirts, jerseys and other items for purchase and all proceeds go towards supporting our team.

Current Total Support



Goal amount is $10,000


Ryan Wilson

General Manager. Ryan took over leadership at Detroit Lions FC in 2005. Since then he has continued to grow the organization and provide opportunities for kids to participate in competitive soccer. He is a Michigan native and graduated from the Univeristy of Michigan at Ann Arber.


Luis Montez

Head coach. Luis has been head coach at Detroit Lions FC since 2015. He is a soccer industry veteran with more than 15 years experience coaching youth and semi-pro teams. He play professionally for 3 years in minor leagues in Europe after graduating from University in Buenos Aires, Argentine.